#FASHIONFIX: Conscious Fashion Has Landed

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The H&M Conscious Collection has finally dropped in store at Sylvia Park and it’s gorgeous! The dealio is that all the items have been made from recycled sourced materials. How cool is that?


Last week, the Ethical Fashion Report was published by Baptist World Aid Australia and H&M is one of the brands that’s done huge amounts to raise its ethical practices, scoring the popular youth-focussed brand a B+. This is a dramatic increase in response to what its customers want:

H&M contains a very ethical standpoint which does against the opinion that they are a ‘throw away’ company. In fact, the brand is part of the Baptist World Aid group and also the WWF Climate Savers Program and are working to become a higher ethical brand in all categories by 2018.

The Register

This is an easy read summary if you want to know more about the report and where your favourite brands placed.


We took some snaps of our fave pieces below. Enjoy!

Read about the H&M Conscious Collection here

Watch Our Vid Of The H&M Conscious Collection Here


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