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20 things you didn’t know about Elijah Wood

  1. His mother enrolled him in modelling school at age 7.

  2. Within a month of being discovered (at age 8) Elijah and his mother relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

  3. He had a small part in Back to the Future II.

  4. Elijah owns two bearded collies called, Levi and Rascal.

  5. Both Elijah’s younger sister Hannah and older brother Zachariah have tried their hand at acting.

  6. You may have seen Elijah in other movies such as; Forever Young, The Good So, The Faculty, and Deep Impact.

  7. Elijah has a starring role as a Hobbit in the upcoming movie Lord of the Rings.

  8. His middle name is Jordan.

  9. He reckons his favourite book was J.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit – even before his part in the movie.

  10. He collects Star Wars memorabilia – wonder if he’ll get a part in the trilogy?

  11. He has guest starred on the TV show Frasier.

  12. His first official job was in a Paula Abdul video clip for the song ‘Forever Your Girl’ in 1989.

  13. He also appeared in The Cranberries ‘Ridiculous Thoughts’ clip in 1995.

  14. He is rumoured to be dating Bijou Phillips a model come actress of minimal acclaim.

  15. He was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

  16. Elijah was up for the star role in Drive Me Crazy alongside Melissa Joan Hart – but he apparently looked to young alongside this teenage witch – or did he just reject the role and Sabrina’s making excuses?

  17. At 13 years of age, despite featuring in a number of movies his allowance was still only $10 a week.

  18. His mum wouldn’t let him see Wes Craven’s New Nightmare when he was under the recommended age limit.

  19. He has revealed that if he ever did a horror movie then he wouldn’t expect to be paid as it would be like a ‘vacation’ because you don’t really have to use your ‘acting skills’.

  20. He has dreams – as it seems all actors do – of one day becoming a director.

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