Our Favourite: Tea Infused Cupcakes

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Like everyone, there are a handful of things in life that I can’t get enough off. Things that make my days a little brighter, bring a smile to my face and get the cogs in my mind whirring away. Nothing makes me happier then when I can bring a few of these loves together , so I decided to challenge myself and bring together two loves that I hadn’t yet combined.

Rather than baking a batch of cupcakes to accompany a perfect cup of tea, I decided to bring the two together a little more closely and try my hand at making a batch of tea infused cupcakes. And it turns out my kitchen will be seeing a lot more of these creations in future!

After carefully selecting a fruity herbal tea, I went about creating cupcakes with a beautiful infusion of tea. I simply brought the milk component of a vanilla cupcake recipe to boil, added a little tea to the hot milk and left it covered for 30 minutes or so. I added around ¼ of a cup of lose tea to the milk. Once the tea and milk had a chance to work their magic I poured the mix through a strainer, leaving me with a beautiful berry coloured mixture ready to add to the cupcake mix.

From here there was nothing special about whipping up a batch of the cupcakes. I simply used the tea mixture in place of milk in the recipe. As I used a tea with a strong red colour, the mixture was slightly darker than is normal for vanilla cupcakes. It’ll be interesting to see what shades other teas tint the cupcake mix!

Finally it was time to decorate! With the cupcakes infused with a Granny’s Garden tea, I really didn’t have much choice when it came to decorating – they had to look like little gardens. So I whipped up a batch of vanilla buttercream and divided it into three bowls. I then tinted each pot of icing a different colour, trying to create nice vibrant colours reminiscent of spring-time gardens bursting with colour. Then I simply piped little flowers onto the cupcakes one colour at a time, layering flowers on top of each other to create the look of a busy garden. Add a silver cachou to the centre of each one and you’ve got a pretty little (edible) garden before you.

I have a great collection of delicious teas that I can’t wait to try this recipe out with – French Early Grey would suit these perfectly, and I have some rather interesting teas that I’m dying to see in cupcake form (Pumpkin Pie or Cherry Vanilla anyone?). Want to try these out yourself? Then click here for the full recipe.


High Tea with Dragons

What’s your favourite tea blend?
What tea would you chose for these cupcakes?

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