Our favourite: Messina, Sydney

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Almost everyone I know in Sydney has their very own favourite gelato spot. For me it will always be Messina, tucked away in colourful Darlinghurst this little gem is separated into two shops, one solely dedicated to gelato and the other gelato cakes.. Yes, gelato cakes!!!

At Messina gelato made from scratch on site, best thing about the place is that all their ingredients comes in the most natural form; no colourings, artificial flavouring, or preservatives.

My selection to begin with – Hazelnut with Pandan Coconut.

Followed by Dr Evil’s Magic Mushroom

Carefully crafted cake filled with chocolate fondant gelato, peanut cookies and dulce de leche, sitting on ‘grass’ made from popping candy and crushed biscuit.. covered in ganache & white chocolate buttons! YES PLEASE!!

Now i’d be silly to pass up on a Darlo Bar – Peanut butter gelato, honeycomb coated in peanut butter & white chocolate, cooked chocolate mousse biscuit, spiced gingerbread coated in manuka honey powder

I could easily have this as a meal replacement for the rest of my life <3

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