Make and EAT Ambrosia All Year Long

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As well as being the easiest dessert in the world, ambrosia is also cheap, quick, and perfect for summer, winter, autumn and spring. Yep, ambrosia is that fail-proof, anywhere, any time recipe that you can whip up in a hurry and everyone loves!


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Right… now back to the ambrosia recipe of gorgeousness…

ambrosia-ry spoon
In ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia was the food of the gods, believed to give the gods immortality when they consumed it. This ambrosia is a cream-based dessert, and in Brazil it’s believed that eating cream is very good for the skin – so I like to believe that there really is a secret to youth in this recipe somewhere.

To make your own ambrosia, you’ll need the following.

The equipment:

  • A large bowl.
  • An electric beater. You can use a hand beater. If you’re desperate and have strong shoulder muscles, you can even use a fork.

The main ingredients:

  • A 500ml pottle of cream. Don’t go and get light cream thinking you’re being smart, because it won’t whip properly and your ambrosia will be all sloppy. Just bite your lip and get full cream!
  • 1 Ltr of yoghurt. Traditionally the recipe calls for berry yoghurt, but I’ve made it with natural, vanilla and honey yoghurts too, which are delicious.
  • Berries. Fresh are best – a punnet of strawberries, rasberries or boysenberries, or a cup of frozen mixed berries. A large tin of boysenberries or black doris plums does work if you’re feeling a bit lazy. This ambrosia recipe works just as well with pineapple and mango (fresh or tinned), and you could even try it with divine black doris plums!

Additional (add all of these, or pick and choose!):

  • Marshmallows. Mini marshmallows are easiest, but you can cut regular marshmallows into halves or quarters. Hint: This is a lot easier with scissors – just make sure they’re clean first!
  • Chocolate pieces. Buy chocolate chips, cut up a bar of Whittaker’s Fairtrade Milk chocolate or throw in a bag of Maltesers for something a bit different.
  • Crushed meringue. Ideally you would have made some meringue earlier on (you organised girl!) but otherwise you can buy some meringue and crush it up.
  • Crushed biscuit pieces. Digestive biscuits, Gingernuts and Tim Tams all work well (good luck trying to crush Gingernuts though!)

The method:

  • Pour the cream into the large bowl and whip. If you’re using a fork, this will probably take more than half an hour…so really, don’t use a fork unless you have to. Seriously, just borrow a beater off your neighbour.
  • Add the yoghurt, berries (or fruit of your choice), and your additional bits and pieces. Try different combinations – vanilla yoghurt, crushed white chocolate Tim Tams and rasberries for example – or just throw anything in. The more the merrier! Fold until combined.

And you’re done!

Now you have delicious ambrosia to chill in the fridge, take to a summer barbeque or winter pot luck, or eat all by yourself snuggled on the couch. (Warning: it is really very easy to eat all of this yourself, so I suggest you invite some friends around).

Enjoy! xx

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