7 Reasons Mac’s Cider Should Be Your New Favourite Drink

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Being the loyal wine drinker I am, I never really thought twice about drinking cider.

I’d had a few of those other ciders here and there, but had never really taken a proper liking to them… so I just kinda gave up on the whole cider thang.

That is until just recently…


Four AMAZING new flavours from Mac’s Cider hit the shelves a couple of months and everything changed.

I was no longer a classic wine girl, I became a half-cast. A muggle if you will, of cider and wine.


The main thing I always disliked about ciders was the fact that they either tasted too much like beer, or they tasted too much like lolly water.

These new flavours were most certainly distinctive, but in no way did they over-shadow the fact that I was drinking cider.

See below for the four new Mac’s Cider flavours:

– Mac’s Cider Cloudy Apple 

Crisp apples from the Hawke’s Bay provide both the clouds & the silver lining in this refreshing cider from Mac’s.


– Mac’s Cider with Cranberry and Ginger

The subtle fragrance of ginger & cinnamon provides the perfect counterpoint to cranberry’s tartness in this intriguingly unusual cider.


– Mac’s Cider with Blood Orange and Cardamom (this one was my favourite)

Delivering a subtle rosy blush, the unique bite of blood orange in this cider is perfectly balanced by the aromatic warmth of cardamom.


– Mac’s Cider with Chilli + Lime

Enjoy the refreshing flavour of lime whilst you get your taste buds firing with a warming hit of chilli… Arriba!


These new flavours are LEGIT amazing and you need to try them – like ASAP.

I guarantee you will fall in love at first sip, and make them your new number one drink of choice.

Here are seven more reasons to help persuade you do to do…

1. There is so much flavour variety – you’ll never get bored!

2. It’s easier to drink compared to wine and spirits.

3. You know what you’re buying – the flavour names actually make sense. Like what does pinot noir even mean?

4. It’s cheaper than wine + the bottles are bigger than they used to be (568ml 2.1 standard drinks).

5. Not as strong as other drinks.

6. More refreshing!

7. You can cook AND bake with cider – check out this caramel apple cider doughnuts recipe from High Tea With Dragons.

So basically, you can spend much less, have better flavours AND more variety by choosing cider over any other drink – it’s a win-win in my eyes.

The new Mac’s Ciders are now available to purchase from supermarkets and liquor stores nationwide. The bottles are sold individually and have an RRP of $5.99 per 568ml bottle and are also available to purchase on tap.

Have you tried any of the above flavours from the new Mac’s Cider range?

* Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post by Mac’s Cider.


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