5 Ways to Have More Energy Without Using Caffeine

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Often, it is completely normal to feel a little tired or rundown in the afternoon. Your instinct may be to head for a sugar-laden energy drink or a soda, but the excess sugar and caffeine contained in these drinks may actually backfire. Eliminating energy drinks or soda from your life does not mean you have to struggle to stay awake every day at work. Instead, you can make a few minor changes to your diet and lifestyle. We’ve partnered with Dr. Axe to offer five caffeine-free ways to have more energy throughout the day.


Eat a Healthy Breakfast


You may be very busy in the morning, but one of the worst things you can do for your  energy is skipping breakfast. Your body desperately needs food for energy in the morning, because you have likely gone at least 10 hours without eating. Your breakfast does not have to be a huge meal to get the energy benefits. A superfood smoothie, sprouted or gluten-free toast, or a cup of fruit can  all do the trick.  


Get More Sunshine


During the fall and winter, many people come up short on vitamin D. While you get vitamin D every time you consume milk, eggs, fish and bread, it is actually very hard to get enough of this crucial vitamin through just your diet. Spending time in the sunshine is one of the easiest ways to increase the vitamin D levels in your body, which can naturally help boost energy. You can often reap the benefits by spending only 10 minutes in the sun. The extra sunshine exposure should also help you sleep better at night.


Get Some Exercise


It may seem counterintuitive, but being active and getting some exercise can give you more energy. You will want to start with some light stretching that will not typically tap out your energy stores.  There is no need to join an expensive gym because brisk walking is good enough to boost your energy levels. In order to get the maximum benefits, aim to exercise for around 30 minutes each day. This can be done as one long walk, or split up as a few short walks spread throughout the day.


Green Vegetable Powder


Vegetables and juicing veggies are often a great way to help boost energy without the caffeine or high sugar amounts. Eating the five to nine recommended servings of vegetables each day can be extremely difficult, which is why some people turn to supplements to boost their veggie intake. There are others on the market, but Dr. Axe has a  basic super greens powder to help close the gap. This powdered vegetable supplement is added to water, juice or your favorite smoothie to quickly boost your vegetable consumption. Just make sure to include actual vegetables in your diet because the powder should only be used to supplement a healthy diet.


Listen to Music


Every music lover knows that the right song can change a mood. If you are starting to feel a little tired at work, then it is time to listen to your favorite songs. The great music can be enough to invigorate your body to help you get through the last few hours of your long day. Create a playlist of the songs that pump you up to make this process as easy as possible. In addition to providing more energy, the music could also make you more productive at your job.


Nobody wants to come up short on energy.   You also do not want to rely solely on substances such as sugar and caffeine to fuel your body. Improving energy levels is something many people strive to achieve, so why not give these five tips a try?


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