ON THE MENU: 5 Delicious Meals Perfect For Bed-All-Day-Weather

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On dreary winter days, sleep is the only thing on my mind. All I want to do is curl up in bed and binge watch whatever TV show that catches my eye. But, sometimes life demands my attention and things need to get done.

When that happens, I love to eat something warm as I type out assignments (or procrastinate by scrolling through nzgirl posts). The things is, I don’t want to put too much effort and time into making something yummy, so one-pot meals are my absolute go to!

So here are my top 5 recommended recipes to make when my bed is too comfortable to leave:

Craving Pasta? One Pot Shrimp Parmesan Pasta (pictured above)

I’m pretty sure there is no way anyone can go wrong with pasta. Cooking everything (even the pasta) in one pot makes clean-up wayyyyyy easier!

Feeling under the weather? Chicken Noodle Soup.


A good bowl of noodle soup will warm you up and give you the energy to get things on track, especially if you’re starting to get the winter sniffles.

Protein please! Super-Speedy Steamed Salmon.

This recipe serves 4, so feel free to use a quarter of everything for a portion of one. Serve with salad for a simple lunch or couscous and Greek yogurt to make a slightly luxurious meal.

Don’t mind a bit more work? Spiced Winter Vegetable Soup.


This is great to make in a large batch and freeze for lazy days. A lot of the cooking time is just waiting, so leave the pot bubbling while you work, just keep an eye on the stove in case!

Thinking of summer? Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms.

Chicken with Tomatoes and Mushrooms

Colourful, simple and yummy, this chicken cacciatore is best with some rice, bread or mashed potatoes.

Of course, we can’t forget dessert! One amazing idea is to make Camp-fire Banana Splits, and you’ll be all set to conquer the world!

Handy tip, if you really want to minimise fussing around, skip the complicated herbs. It’ll still taste delish, but not as amazing as it would be if you used them.

For more recipe inspiration, pop over to our recipe section and take a look!

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Love, Lidya



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