CRUSH: Laura Daniels, Comedian and Overall Awesome Person

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Imagine a Selena Gomez concert, but all of Selena Gomez’s songs have jokes in them, and there are two Selena Gomez-es and one of them is a boy. And Selena Gomez is even better at singing.

Laura Daniel (you might have seen her on Funny Girls, Jono & Ben or 7 Days) is bringing back her hilarious show Two Hearts with Joseph Daniel.

With confetti, HOT dancers, songs, video, merchandise, costume changes, and too much information about Joseph and Laura’s personal romantic history – this isn’t your usual comedy show.

I knew I wanted to become a performer when…

When I was younger I would constantly sing both parts of the “elephant love medley” from Moulin Rouge around the house and in the car. One day, my mum suggested to me that I drop out of art class at school and take drama instead because I seemed happier performing. She was bloody right, and a cool mum!

The three words that describe me are…

Sassy. Bold. Deeply insecure.

The three words that describe Joseph are…

Energetic. Kind-hearted. Know-it-all.

The best part of Two Hearts for me is…

Getting to fulfil a pop star fantasy through the medium of comedy and making songs with my best friend.

The weirdest thing I do to prepare for a show is…

I had to get my friend and fellow cast member to fake tan me back stage once and then I stood there naked in the dressing room waiting for it to dry. Got to know everyone a whole lot better.

My favourite comedian in the whole world and history of time is…

Amy Poehler

The number one thing that boosts my confidence is…

Insta likes

After shows, I…

Stop talking. I just wave at people as they leave, so I don’t ruin my voice. It’s quite a big singing show so any talking after the show puts heaps of extra strain on my voice, I’ve gone to the lengths of wearing a sign around my neck saying “can’t talk, resting voice”. Which is cool because I get to feel like a proper diva like Adele or Bey.

Expect non-stop catchy AF bangers from this powerhouse duo Laura ( “Best Dressed”, “11 Most Eligible Women”) and Joseph (neither of those) on their WORLD TOUR of Auckland.

Ideal for a Christmas function, a boozy get together, or for taking along an estranged parent in an attempt to reconnect, this pitch perfect pop-music send-up is bound to sell out.

Get your ticket here.



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