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If you know me, you would know that I’m not a big makeup person. Often, looking at the long list of ingredients that I cannot pronounce gives me a headache!

HAN Skincare cosmetics are made with 100% naturally derived ingredient lists that I can actually understand. Their products use plants, vegetable pigments, natural minerals and are naturally preserved with Vitamin E and grapeseed extract. Even better, they don’t test on animals, are PETA approved and Leaping Bunny Certified.


So when HAN Skincare approached nzgirl, I gladly took up the challenge: to use HAN Skincare makeup for the next six days. (P.S Stay til the end to be in to win these for yourself!)


I picked up the HAN Skincare products on Wednesday morning. I was going to an event later that evening, so I used my newly-acquired products to touch up makeup. After a quick peek, the bronzer caught my attention.

The bronzer, in the shade Maui, looked and smelled like beautiful milk chocolate. If you read the ingredients list, you would understand why! One of the main ingredients in the bronzer is cocoa powder. Other ingredients include cocoa butter, cocoa absolute, argan oil, acai oil and Vitamin E.

Matte, creamy, satiny, blendable, buildable and seriously addicting! I had to stop myself from over-applying because it smelled too good.


Thursday was a quiet day, but I really wanted to try the cheek and lip tint. The cheek and lip tint comes in a small compact container that one could easily toss into your on-the-go makeup bag.


The Cheek and Lip tint I got was in the shade Coral Hibiscus. It was super pigmented and smelled amazing. Not surprising given that there is shea butter, coconut cream, argan and acai oil in it! All I had to do was dab once on each cheek, blend it in with my fingers, get a bit more on my finger to apply it on my lips. I don’t know makeup at all, but a friend commented that it looked a lot like NARS Orgasm, just in stick form.


Another quiet day, but the remaining HAN Skincare products were calling my name. The lip gloss in Nude Rose looked exactly like the name. It has a very faint vanilla scent, applied very smoothly and did not feel sticky at all.

The first few ingredients on the list (which is ordered by largest quantity first) are acai oil, argan oil, coconut creme, Vitamin E and shea butter. Indeed, the lip gloss was very moisturising, even feeling like a lip balm.



Normally I don’t put on makeup on the weekend but this time I put on the lip gloss as well as the blush, just because I really felt like it. It sounds so weird to want to wear lip gloss, it was just so comfortable.

The very pigmented Blush was aptly named Coral Candy. Almost satiny to the touch, it could almost double as a highlighter with very subtle gold shimmer. Following the ‘makeup as skincare’ ethos, the blush contains acai, pomegranate, blueberry, cranberry, green tea extracts, all sounding very yummy. Plus, they are powerful antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients!


Sunday brought the last product left, the eye shadow. Golden Glow is a bronze-y gold when packed on with fingers and a light warm shimmery gold when dusted on with a brush. Like the blush, it is very pigmented. It was an easy all-over eye colour, no real need for anything else! Similar to all the other products, the eyeshadow has argan oil, acai oil and shea butter, helping it go on and blend smoothly.



I decided to wear them all together! And I have to say over the past six days, I have been very impressed with HAN Skincare products. Products with 100% naturally derived ingredients are often assumed to be expensive and low in colour pay-off. After trying these products, I can definitely say they were high quality, pigmented and full of pronounceable (yay!) ingredients that are truly good for your skin.

And you can win what I tried out! (Unopened, brand-new versions, not the much-loved ones I used!)

To be in to win, comment why you want to try makeup products made from 100% naturally derived ingredients.

HAN Skincare will be launching soon in Life and Unichem pharmacies and online at


Thank you to Life Pharmacy and HAN Skincare for partnering with nzgirl and letting me try their products.

*This competition is now closed.*

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