CRUSH: A New BFF For Your Underarms

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Welcome to the world the band spanking new Weleda 24hour Roll-On Deodorant, which contains no nasty chemicals, plus it doesn’t prevent your body’s natural detoxification process of sweating. They just make you smell A-OK 24/7.

Antiperspirants use chemicals like aluminium salts to block your sweat glands and pores to reduce or even stop the essential sweating process. While you might think this is a fab idea, it’s not what your body needs to do in order to stay cleansed and healthy. Weleda’s new deodorants naturally protect by inhibiting bacterial enzymes that decompose sweat and preventing the formation of unpleasant body odour.


Weleda use clever ingredients like liquorice root, combined with witch hazel, which calm, tone and nourish your skin, along with essential oils, like litsea cubeba. And the new roll on deodorants have been dermatologically proven to protect against body odour for a very long-lasting 24 hours – perfect when you’re travelling or supergirl busy.

And bonus, Weleda’s deodorants can be used even after shaving or waxing, unlike aluminium salt deodorants. Ouch! Plus we can attest to the fact the citrus deodorant smells great!

So don’t break a sweat in the morning choosing your safe and odour-free roll on deodorant. Embrace the new with Weleda’s Roll-On Deodorants (RRP $15.90).


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