CRUSH: Heavenly Niwana Noir Swiss Praline Chocolate

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I have absolutely NO idea how I got this most heavenly chocolate into my hands, the Rapunzel Nirwana Noir praline block. In fact, it sat in my fridge for a few weeks before I even looked at it.


You see, I’ve gone dairy-free in my choccie, and frankly, dark chocolate really doesn’t impress me much. Which explains this bad boy gracing my fridge for a while.

But… when I opened it on a whim, HOLY FECK, this is insanely delicious choc!! As in, “Why has chocolate never tasted this good before?” I pretty much inhaled the whole block in under 20 mins. Not even a lie. It’s creamy, packed full of flavour, not teeth-chatteringly sweet and, well, just bloody perfect!

You can stock up for those long winter nights here ($6.90 ea)… or if you can trust yourself, you can buy 12 blocks for $38.68 (that’s $3.22 each) on Amazon here. Not me though… I wouldn’t be able to trust myself.

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