CRUSH: Deadly Ponies X Lifewise Charity ‘A-Pearl’

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Deadly Ponies has launched its Pearlies campaign today, 5 May. Pearlies is a collection that celebrates the Pearly Kings and Queens who’s charity initiatives are inspiring.


The tale and tradition of the Pearly King and Queens harks back to the 19th century. Henry Croft was once an orphan street sweeper but soon became a revered charity supporter. He collected the lost pearl buttons from costermonger’s attire, in order to fashion his now-celebrated Pearly suit. His giving nature and eccentric outfit quickly gathered a following, eventually giving rise to the Pearly Society.


The Pearly Society’s craft, as well as their captivating mother-of-pearl button outfits, have inspired this collection, however it is the society’s charity initiatives to help the underprivileged that really struck a chord with Deadly Ponies.



Deadly Ponies will be donating all the proceeds of the ‘Lucky Charm’ (from the Pearlies collection) to Lifewise, a local New Zealand social development agency working to house the homeless.

When I travel overseas, homelessness is an issue that people tend to overlook - we should do everything we can to stop that happening here” says Creative Director Liam Bowden. “In New Zealand, our homelessness problem is increasing at an alarming rate. Everyone deserves to have a place they can call home, and this project gives us an opportunity to pitch in and help to house New Zealanders in need.

Shop the Deadly Ponies Pearlies collection here

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