#FLOSSIEFRIDAY: Why You Need A Pro Makeup Artist This Summer

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Why You Should Go To A Pro

I thought I was a OK applying my makeup for both night and day. I’m nowhere near the league, skills, training or artistry of a professional makeup artist, but I think I can make myself look good. So when it comes time to splash the cash and paying for makeup application by a pro for a night out, I think naaaah, I can do this. WRONG!

After what happened recently, I’ll be thinking again.

Before & After

I went to the very experienced and highly talented Grayson Coutts (pictured below) thanks to the gals at Flossie. Grayson is one of the very best artists in the New Zealand makeup scene and is regularly called in for the big gigs like the VNZMAs and Fashion Week.


He’s also recently started to showcase his talents on his Facebook page here with #transformationtuesday:

DJ Zeisha - makeup by Grayson Coutts for #transformationtuesday

DJ Zeisha – makeup by Grayson Coutts for #transformationtuesday

Which got me thinking about creating this post. But after thinking about it, however, I wanted more than just a bare face compared to Grayson’s makeup wizardry – because that would always be a remarkable transformation. What I wanted was to see how what I thought was a good makeup application for a night out by me compared to Grayson’s professional application.

And oh boy – what a huge difference!

The three photos below really showcase what a professional compared to an amateur makeup application can do.


  • The first image is of my version of a smoky eye (and believe me, at 11am on a Tuesday morning after Labour Weekend, I really thought I’d caked it on!).
  • The second image is my entirely cleaned face (bearing in mind that I have lash extensions and tattooed brows, so it’s less undone than your face probably would be).
  • The final image is after Grayson Coutts worked his 15 magic brushes with a kajillion top quality makeup products applied with his many years of artistry and skill.

What strikes me most is how matt and flawless my skin is, and the choice of lip colour, which was far superior to my own choice. And of course the eyes!


Those eyes are not only incredible, they lasted for another 12 hours, whereas I know from experience, my own makeup has died a death by then (or is sitting somewhere around my chin!).

Some of the key products Grayson used were:

So lessoned learned: When I want to look smoking, going to Grayson is definitely worth paying for!

nzgirl X Flossie X Grayson

It’s nearly summer and there are no doubt so many events where you’ll be wanting to look your absolute best. Whether it’s the races, your work Christmas party, weddings or big birthdays you can look like a superstar. Or if you want to treat someone, like a new mum who’s forgotten what makeup is!

So nzgirl and Flossie and Grayson Coutts have huddled together to find you an epic deal… and here it is:

If you book here with Flossie using this link on your smartphone your amazing special occasion makeup will cost just $80 PLUS you’ll receive amazing professional Ardell Lashes worth $15 absolutely free.

Trust me, your face will love you for it!

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And here’s a gallery of pics from Grayson’s amazing makeup studio in Herne Bay, Auckland starring the gorgeous Yoshi Bear, who you’ll instantly fall in love with!!!





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