#FLOSSIEFRIDAY: Why Mobile Spray Tan is the Answer to Your Summer Tan Prayers

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It’s that exhilarating time of the year where days are longer, clothes are lighter and grazing in the sunshine happens more often. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tossed that winter cocoon and are ready to emerge as… well, I don’t know about you, but when I looked down at my pale skin last week I felt more like a white moth than a butterfly (no offence to white moths everywhere).

FijiSo last week on the eve of hitting Fiji, I treated myself to a a spray tan with Premium Glo using my Flossie app (you know it’s my fave). Premium Glo is mobile, so the team of two – Desley and Ingrid – popped by my house to give me the full service St Tropez Tan pamper. It’s a snappy service that takes 20-30 minutes and was just the ticket. A few days later I arrived into the bright Nadi sun looking like I belonged in paradise.

And the Premium Glo gals not only come to your home but they can come to your work too!! How cool is that? All you need is a bathroom big enough for their mobile pop up tent (about 1.5m square), or an empty office with a modicum of privacy and you’re good to roll.

So last week, we jumped on Flossie and booked in two of the gals for a spray tan at work… and naturally I was on stand by to record it here:

Meet the Premium Glo Team


Meeting Desley and Ingrid from Premium Glo for the first time was such a pleasure. It’s easy to see why this dynamic duo are the spray tanning #1 choice for Auckland celebs, and are called to work on TV shows like Dancing With the Stars.

And they wear matching clothes!!! How cute is that?

So we asked the gals a couple of Qs about why they love their job so much, how to get the most out of your spray tan, and why mobile will be your new spray tan go-to. They talk to us here!

What do you love about your job?

Everything! Its very rewarding and a lot of fun, we meet so many great people on a daily basis. Everyone is always in a great mood as in most cases they are getting their spray tan done for a special reason, such as a wedding, party or holiday which means are are always happy to see you. We also love seeing the reaction on our clients faces once we have finished and they look down and see that tan line…it’s an instant smile!

Why mobile and do you prefer it?

We enjoy doing the mobile tanning, it gets you out and about much better than being stuck inside all day. It’s always a bit of adventure and you never quite know where you might end up on any given day, especially with our horrendous sense of direction! Mind you, ask us again at 4.30pm on a Friday night when where stuck on the Auckland motorway you might get a much different answer LOL.


The Premium Glo gals were behind the Dancing with the Stars celebs’ golden tans.

What’s the benefit of mobile to your clients?

There’s a lot of benefits to choosing our mobile option, time, comfort and especially at this time of the year “the weather” it’s a biggie, you don’t want to get caught out in the rain and instantly ruin your tan. We all tend to lead such busy lifestyles these days and our mobile service is a quick and easy alternative. You can say goodbye to the inconvenience and cost to you of having to travel to a salon, battling those traffic woes and adding unnecessary stress to your day. No mess, no hassle, we’re in and out in 20 minutes and you can simply sit back take some time to relax and enjoy that golden glow.

How much space do they need for it to work?

Not much to be honest. We bring with us our pop up spray tent which we get you to stand in while we are spraying. We’ve had some pretty tight squeezes in the past but ultimately we can pop up in the bathroom, lounge, garage and even outdoors over the summer months.  If we are doing a group booking such as a wedding or team a larger space is always easier to work in.

Screenshot 2016-10-21 22.00.52What spray tan do you use?

We offer several different options depending on what our clients skin requirements are. Our most popular brand would be St Tropez Tan or if you are after an organic solution Eco Tan is our go to choice. We also sell both of these self tanning and skin care brands through our online store here.

How does spray tan work on the skin?

The active ingredient in most sunless tanning products is the colour additive, dihydroxyacetone (DHA). When applied onto the skins surface dihydroxyacetone will react with dead cells. This will temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan. The colouring is only temporary and typically wears off within a 5-7 day period.


What sort of pre-care and after care works prolongs the tan?

You would have heard it before but exfoliating and moisturising are by far the most important things you can do. There is so much that actually goes into achieving the perfect tan but these two really are key to achieving an even all over glow.

How do people choose what level of tan they get?

If you’re a first timer with us we go through a very thorough checklist of what you are looking for colour wise, it also depends on what the tan is for and time of the year. Everyones skin is different so it’s a case of finding the right option for everyone and tailor making it for each client.

Bridezilla Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars.
Bridezilla Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars.

What about wedding spray tans?

If you are getting a spray tan done for your wedding we always suggest you do at least 1-2 trials before your actual wedding tan. This allows us to work with you to get the exact level of colour you desire for your wedding day. If the bride is getting married in white we ask her to hold up a white sheet or top next to her skin over the next few days after her tan. This way the bride can get a good idea of how the tan will look on her wedding day and book her appointment accordingly. Following this process the bride quite often will decide they would like to to go a half a shade lighter or darker, more on the arms, less on the chest etc. It can be quite a detailed process, but it is worth the extra effort once you see the amazing result.

Do you have any cute stories about spray tanning clients?

spray-tanning-ferndownCouples tans are becoming more and more popular. Using with our mobile service we find that men a lot more relaxed about the whole process. We do a lot of bride & groom tans through to couples holiday tans. We have the cutest couple which we tan 3 times a year before every holiday. They are both in their late 60s and just absolutely love it. The husband is always first in the spray tent and tells us every time that he’s about to look 20 years younger in 20 minutes time, so adorable.

Another client that springs to mind is a lady who came to our salon well over a year ago, who like many of us was feeling very self conscious and unsure due a few imperfections that haunted her daily. By the time we had finished her tan she was a totally different person, she left with the biggest smile on her face and a bounce in her step. It instantly made her feel like she had lost a few kilos, completely evened out her skin tone, and made her look years younger. She has become a regular client and we always look forward to our tanning catch ups with her.

When Spray Tans Go Wrong


That episode when Ross gets a spray tan…

Can spray tanning go wrong?

Oh it sure can! Too be honest the amount of horror stories we hear and see each week, shocks us. As in most cases, you get what you pay for and a spray tan no different. Cheap and cheerful doesn’t always go to plan and often means you are left disappointed with the outcome.

nzgirl X Flossie X Premium Glo

We’ve partnered with Flossie and the fab Premium Glo duo to bring you a unique nzgirl-only offer.

Use your smartphone to click this link which directs you straight to appointment booking with Premium Glo for the special VIP price of $40 off your next group tanning session for 4 people. Whaaaaat? Yup. So grab the gals and guys and get on it, and get tanned for bae!

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