Tried & Tested: Smashbox ‘Love Me’ Eyeshadow Palette (inc. How to)

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It’s fair to say I am a certified beauty junkie!  In saying that, though I do love to give everything a go regardless of brand, if I try something and it’s no good – out it goes! I think I’m pretty good at quickly picking if something is worth a repeat use.  Smashbox’s new Love Me Eyeshadow Palette is one that I will definitely NEVER let go of!  I’ve been trialling the ‘Entice Me’ colour palette and I’ve very quickly become attached to these jewel hued shadows.


Essentially what Smashbox has created is a collection of ‘Love Me’ palettes, each containing various colour combinations that all work seamlessly together.  My pet-hate is when a makeup company produces a palette and you love most or some of the colours, but you’re left with one or two colours that you know you are never going to touch (yet sadly still have to pay for).  Not Smashbox – this palette is PERFECT!  There is not one colour in this palette I don’t love.


How it works:

There are varying amounts of each colour per palette, and Smashbox has accurately provided you with a large amount of what they know will be the most used/key colours (your neutral sheens, dark bases and highlighters) and then slightly downsized on the colours that you will still love, yet not need to use as much of.

My verdict…

Perfection!  The Smashbox Love Me palette is what I would describe as ‘intelligent makeup’.  Yeah, I may have just invented that descriptor, but it really is a well thought out palette and I intend to buy ALL the colour palettes from this collection.  The colour payoff is exceptional, the fallout is minimal and the colours are highly pigmented.  Oh, and the size is perfect for your handbag so there’s no need to lug around a whole bag of shadows when you’re on the go.

TIP: There’s no reason for you to have to use each colour separately, blend a couple of the colours together (which is what I’ve done in these photo’s to create yet another unique colour to combine with what’s already in the palette).  Don’t forget to bring a small amount of shadow around and under your eye-line to create a blown-out smokey eye effect . And, if you are looking to match the perfect liner with your Love Me palette – simply dampen a liner brush or a small eyeshadow brush, and use your eyeshadow as a liner!


In this shot I have used the lighter shades in the palette for inner and centre of my eyelid and mixed the blue and pink for a deeper pigment payoff on the outer. I’ve used the lighter shades/pinky tones on the bottom lash line.  The lightest colour – I’ve used as a highlighter for my brow bone


In this shot I’ve built up the colour payoff by building on top of the base in the first photo. I’ve then added some of the dark blue shadow to my eyelid crease and outer corners. Just slightly more blown out with the darker colours as well.


In this shot I’ve added more of the dark colours again, both the blue and grey/purple.  I’ve also increased the lighter shadow on my inner eyelid.

SHOP IT: RRP$54 Available at various pharmacies, the Smashbox concept store in Ponsomby or online @  SMASHBOX.CO.NZ

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