#FLOSSIEFRIDAY: The Only Glam-Over You Need This Summer: Lash Extensions

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One of the best things I did before going to Fiji this October was to get oh-so-fabulous long, glamorous, full lashes, and it was all thanks to the gals at Flossie and Sydney Lashes.

In Fiji, my lush lashes were all I needed to look fab, adding only a touch of lip gloss and highlighter on the cheeks at night. It’s definitely the easiest way to go (virtually) makeup-free while still looking your gorgeous, healthy self. In other words, the perfect summer treatment.

Here’s what happened when I went under the tweezers of Yuki Ohta at Sydney Lashes:

Yuki is highly experienced in applying lash extensions having trained and worked in both Japan – where the treatment is hugely popular – and in New Zealand. She is known for her absolute attention to detail in a treatment that is all about precision. And, she’s really nice!

Sydney Lashes began in Australia focusses on luxury eyelash extensions. The team use lashes imported from all over the world and tailor the lashes to suit every person’s individual face and need.

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lash-01Because you know I love a good beauty horror story (you can’t tell me that Botched isn’t your guilty pleasure!), yes, lash extensions can go wrong.

When you’re dealing with chemicals near the sensitive and delicate skin around your eyes, you do not want anything but well-tested, highly qualified products, and same with the people people handling them. The last thing you want is a chemical burn disaster like the pic above right (we kept it small because it is so hard to look at!). Source


Yup, you absolutely do not want bad lashes and chemicals anywhere near your precious eyes!

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Just for you, we’ve teamed up with Flossie and Sydney Lashes to bring you this super special! That’s a Classic Volume Lash Set (their most popular lash set) for $110 instead of $170. Jump into this link on your smartphone and you’re good to book. Enjoy!

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Get more of our Flossie treatment faves here:

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