Our favourite: Vintage ‘half-turban’

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The ‘half-turban’ is my favourite new use for a vintage scarf, I promise it will be yours too!

First you will need a vintage (or vintage-like) patterned scarf, or any piece of rectangular fabric long enough to tie around your head.

Next, watch this video by Boat People Vintage showing you how to tie it (it’s in French, but it doesn’t matter if you’re not multi-lingual):

How to tie a half-turban headscarf…


Pretty simple no?

The half-turban is the ultimate style for the beach because it keeps your hair out of your face in a tres chic kind of way. It’s also good for festivals and gigs, when you know your hair will get sweaty and in your face after about 20 minutes! By night, wear it with your hair down and loose, perfect with a simple black maxi dress, a miniskirt or with black jeans, wedges and a white tee.

How would you wear the ‘half-turban’?

What’s your favourite way to tie a headscarf?

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