Our favourite: Paul Walsh

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I came across this artist the other night and fell in love with his work!

I am a huge HUGE fan of graffiti & bombing and Paul’s style is very similar to this but in a bit more of a commercial form (eg. not on the side of a wall somewhere).  But you could pull these little creatures he creates out of his paintings and drop them in the middle of a bomb, they would look like they belonged there.

Hailing from Rotorua this lad has been all over the world but his art has featured on quite a few familiar places to us like the bFM Monsters t-shirt, Fat Freddys Drop ‘The Raft’ Cover and the studio backdrop at Alt TV.

It was at First Thursday I spotted him around 9pm and he was just about to complete a painting he’d been working on since 6pm, he banged it out in 3 hours and it looked amaze!!

<3 <3 <3 this so much, he does commisioned work and has pieces available to buy.  I only wish I had my own space to have one of them up somewhere!


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