Our favourite: Glasses Art

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Gok’s in town and we caught up with him to find out what’s big in the world of eyewear at Specsavers, and a few of his favourite things (stay tuned for that…)

Last time he was here, I needed glasses – but this time around thanks to my LASIK, I don’t need them. Funnily enough, I think I may be becoming that person I detested, the person who wants to wear non-prescription glasses for fashion, not function. It’s no longer about whether my prescription will fit into them, but what actually looks good! #don’thatemeformyfreedom

In the meantime, here’s some of my favourite homages to glasses to get you all specty inspired…

Kiwi glasses blogger Jo, aka eyeheartglasses, tipped me off to Darcel, a blog featuring illustrations of a glasses wearing single eyeball and his insights into NYC living. I love his tagline ‘living one disappointing moment after another’ and the tongue in cheek images, such as this one above entitled, ‘Today must be delivery day at Supreme’.  Love it!

I <3 sweedish illustrator Kristina Hultkrantz, aka emmakisstina on Etsy. This cute print entitled FOUR EYES is just gorgeous. $US12.00 via etsy.

This came up on my blog reader this morning from Pugly Pixel, a b+w  image Woody Allen, embellished with red, metallic sequins. <3 nerd glasses indeed!

I know, I know, it’s Fifi AGAIN. But somehow this little rabbit manages to be OH-SO-APPLICABLE in many instances – like today! Fifi Lapin ‘Geek’ print, $US40.00 from Fifi Lapin Shop.

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