Our favourite: Ash Wedge Trainers

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What’s better than a hi-top trainer? A hi-top trainer that makes you taller!

The Ash Cool Suede Strapped Wedge Trainer (£139 on Asos) is like a hi-top trainer but better, because it’s actually a wedge hi-top trainer. Look closer. No, closer. See?

You may question why someone would want to add a wedge to a trainer. If you’re asking yourself that, I’m guessing you’re not a short person? I am, and I love hi-top trainers, but they make me look 12 years old. Any shoe above the ankle line needs height or it makes short legs look even shorter.

Also, these may remind you of the Spice Girls platform sneakers (I had silver Pulps, don’t judge)! But please, shake off your prejudices. As always, fashion gets a remake the second time around. This time the platform is on the inside, like a Louboutin.

What do you think about Wedge Trainers?

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