Our favourite: Annie Blackberry Jewellery

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Do you ever wish you had some sort of unique jewellery piece to set off that favourite outfit that you just LOVE to wear? Feel it could be better with some bling but don’t want to have to pay big bucks OR grab a cheapie that everyone’s seen a gazillion times?

I do, all the time. Sometimes when I see gorgeous jewellery pieces in magazine editorials, I flip through the pages to read the credit only to find it to say ‘awesome necklace ~ stylist’s own’. As I thump my fist on my leg, desk or nearby person in frustration I feel that there’s no one I can turn to. Well of course there is, her name is Annie and maybe it’s not really that dramatic!

Annie Blackberry is a Tauranga designer that makes beautiful affordable jewellery. She makes one off pieces and will work with you to create something perfect for that outfit I was talking about above. You can find her jewellery all over the country in stores like Lippy and Wildpair, or just email her with your ideas and get something totally you. How cool is that? Here are some of her collection that I’m currently drooling over…

Check out her blog/website here: www.annieblackberry.com
Email her on annieblackberry@hotmail.com to order your jewellery
Join her Facebook group {here}

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