NZ Food Blogs You Have to Read

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All this food was Kiwi made!

I read a lot of food blogs. A LOT of food blogs.

A lot of them are American or British but since I moved to NZ, I’ve been getting into reading both NZ and Aussie blogs. There’s something really amazing about reading blogs written in your time zone, your season and within the borders of the country where you are. You can relate just that little bit more, you can offer up opinions and you can appreciate how difficult it must have been to hand pick those plums in this heat.

So I’ve got a little list here for you of local blogs that will inspire you to make your own Kiwi recipes.

1. Baking Makes Things Better

This blog is run by two Kiwi ladies who are super friendly and share amazing recipes for savoury and sweet things.

2. Heart Break Pie

Giving up her legal job to follow her food dreams means that this blog is definitely one to watch!

3. Sunday Hot Pants

I’ve just found this blog and I’m already in love with the name and every single post ever.

4. At Down Under

The photos on this blog will just blow you away. So fresh and clean and big and beautiful and just…just…go read it.

5. Lauraine Jacobs

Why on earth would you miss this blog? It’s a must read.

6. Food Opera

Features such as Sister vs Sister will give you two ideas for the price of one. Using the same ingredients, the sisters try to make something completely different and it’s incredible to see what they come up with!


Please note that all the images were taken from the links provided for each blog. I do not assume rights over any of the images above.

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