Hot Five: 7 August 2015

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Spring is just around the corner and spring fashion and beauty is hitting us from all sides. So we’re sharing a spring-kling here and there to get you totally buzzed for the happiest season of the year!


LOVING_Mr W & Me spring collection
In June we were crushing on Mr. W & Me’s brand new store in our hot Five here (also online, so don’t fret about that girls), and now we’re super loving the Kiwi co.s new spring line here. Pastels, tassels, practical, comfortable, on-trend, chic and real leather. Oh, and did we mention the price tag starts at $139 for these sleek patent leather Side Saddle Loafers (already on our tootsies – pictured above), with these leather Kriss Kross lovelies selling at $165, topping out at $225 for these winter Rushmore cuties. What’s more owner and designer Jane (who is the “Me” of Mr W. & Me). What’s more is you’ll fall in love with owner / designer Jane and be hooked on Mr. & Me forever!


NUTS_ABOUT_Nuts About New Zealand 
This week someone in our office popped open a bag of these Nut About New Zealand Honey Macadamia Nuts (pictured above, $10.95) and Oh. God! There needs to be a new word for moreish! We also sampled the Roasted Nuts which are divine. We’ve also started a formal petition to get salted caramel created. These nuts are grown in the beautiful Kaipara where the regions climate produces a sweet white nut that is hand picked at optimum ripeness. There’s not much more to be said… just go nutty here!

WANTING_Meadowlark Ritual II collection
Meadowlark continues to evolve, mature and surprise. And while this bling super-brand doesn’t normally get a mention here in Hot Five (because its jewellery is always on point) when an email comes in that causes an audible gasp, it’s def making the list! The new Meadowlark Ritual II collection is romantic, daring and bold. The handcrafted detailing is breath taking and the femininity is counterbalanced by crisp angles and dramatic lines. The Star Ring in rose gold (pictured above) is a liiiiiiiiiitle above our price range at $1,205 but a gal’s allowed to dream, right? And it’s so worth a look. If you’re more budget conscious (like me) there’s fab bling with your name on it, like this Inverted Star Band in sterling silver at $199. It’s a gorgeous mix of obtainable and aspirational and might kick start your saving’s plan (one less coffee, more coins in the tin)!


NEEDING_WOOP! (World on a Plate) Meal Delivery
Want to cook but have no time? Get home late from work, desperately need dinner and really don’t want to reach for the crackers or chips? Same! So imagine my happy when a WOOP! box arrived at work on Monday. OK, I’ll be honest, at first I thought it was a headache on a plate – I was going to be out every night this week (which I was) so when was I going to have time to cook? Ugh. Then…. I realised the secret to WOOP! is you don’t cook (almost) at all. You pretty much re-heat deluxe chef designed, preprepared meals. the menu includes Sherry vinegar glazed smoked salmon, creamy leek and potato mash with a side of kale, which I ate last night and can assure you is magical! Tonight’s menu includes Confit duck with caramelised apple, green beans and braised red cabbage. Right? Best of all, a menu for two for a week costs $109. This might sound pricey but having tried the food it’s divine and is way better than grabbing a $15 takeaway on the route home 5 nights a week ($75). What’s more, because there’s just me, it’s also been lunch for the week, which I normally fork out around $10 for ($50). So if you’re a busy bee like me, take a look here and see if you can start your week with a WOOP!

CRUSHING_ON_Twenty Seven Names Rite of Spring collection
We love navy and are thrilled to see New Zealand designers Twenty Seven Names adopting it as the hero colour for its spring collection, aptly named the Rite of Spring (incidentally one of my favourite ballet and musical works by Stravinsky from that caused a riot at its first live performance in Paris in 1913). I adore the Soloist Dress ($590), the Natalie Pants ($300) and this Sara Cable Knit Cardigan is adorable ($390). And yes, it’s not the easiest price bracket to jump into, but we think these are timeless pieces that will add to your won style and spring look.


Anna Coddington for her new video for ‘Slate’:

And Dermalogica for it’s amazing FITE charity, and for the month of August giving away this handmade with love clutch ($50) with $10 going to help women producing ethical products globally.

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