Hot Five: 27 August 2010

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1: LUSTING AFTER_Deadly Ponies Mr Fill n Wrap bag
Gosh, it was like love at first sight when I saw this Deadly Ponies masterpiece hanging up in Superette on the weekend. I kept wandering around the shop, mosying amongst the clothes, but being drawn back to stroke this bag! The most gorgeous scarlet colour, the signature DP black wrapped strap, soft as anything leather and two seperate “shapes” that it hung in thanks to the dual length straps. I thought I had already found the handbag of my dreams, but when I shut my eyes it”s this beauty that I see. A sizeable investment, from Superette available in a range of colours starting from $659.00 but oh, lust, lust lust!

2: LISTENING ON REPEAT: Katy Perry”s Teenage Dream
Since California Girls came out, we”ve been lying in wait for Katy Perry”s latest album to arrive on our desk for review! That day is finally here and we”ve been playing it non stop all week! Teenage Dream is a collection of super fun, girlie pop songs (some upbeat and some slower) that are true to form for Katy and just what we expected with a definite measure of her trademark sauciness thrown in, ala “I wanna see your peacock”! We also <3 the attention to detail; when the CD spins, thanks to the candy stripes it looks mesmerising with our clear CD player and I”m pretty sure the sleeve notes are scented like those little dolls you used to have when you were younger.

3: CRAVING_Icing on the Cake”s Fro Yo
What with Katy Perry”s super sweet Candyland themed album and all the pastel hues of spring fashion coming through, there”s a fair dose of sugar overload happening. Which naturally makes you crave a sugar hit all the more! One of my fave ways to do just that at the moment is Icing on the Cake“s frozen yoghurt. They”re more known for their cakes and cupcakes, but this Herne Bay parlour does a mean “fro yo” as well, in a range of gourmet flavours that change daily. Pictured above is a chocolate and blood orange delight, but I”ve seen any number of flavours from green apple, apricot mango, raspberry coconut and more. The presentation is also immaculate; with super cute tubs for the fro yo and the most impressive looking boxes for cupcakes – meaning one cupcake really does speak for itself as a gift. Follow them on Facebook to find out what their flavours of the day are.

4: TAKING HEED OF_Rattle Ya Dags” Daily Dose of Advice
The advice/make you think post! I came across Rattle Ya Dags randomly but really like the idea of what they”re doing. A whole bunch of onto-it kiwis giving bite sized bits of advice, one per day. Facebook like them, follow them on twitter or sign up to their email to receive your wisdom and then inhale as required. This week has seen Wendyl Nissen (gives great advice, let me tell you), Hugh Sundae, Anna Coddington, Askew and Geoff Ross – with inspiring snippets of advice ranging from career tips to relationship boosters.

I”ve now seen this movie TWICE and you guys haven”t seen it once (except those lucky winners who came to see the premiere last night with us) – and even the second time it had me on the edge of my seat, hands covering my eyes and shedding a few tears! There”s a great line in the movie about how the book Corrie is reading is better than the movie, to which Ellie replies they often are – but kudos to Paramount Pictures for making a feature film worthy of such an iconic book series. SO much action, great character casting (except maybe Lee, who didn”t quite hit the mark for me) and a screenplay that just works. If you were a TWTWB addict (so much better than a Twihard and how much more inspiring was Ellie than Bella?), then you”ll need to get along and see this when it opens in theatres come next Thursday 2 September. For more insights check out our interview with cast members Caitlyn Stasey and Lincoln Lewis here.

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE_The nzgirl hot five promise
nzgirl’s hot five is an institution on the site – and for good reason. It’s where we share our five favourite things from the week. You can’t buy a space in the hot five, it’s at our total discretion and Tee’s dictation and we want you to know that.

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