HOT FIVE: 17 April 2015

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A heartwarming song for charity, a brand new bag collection launched today and the elixir of youth. It’s your Hot Five!


If you’ve ever had a very sick family member you’ll know how hard it is on you in the role of supporter, emotionally, financially and physically. Ronald McDonald House was born out of one person’s desire to remove the burdens on families as much as possible and create an oasis for families looking after an ill child. That person sought sponsorship from the big guns, and McDonalds pledged its ongoing support, which it continues to this day. So it was great to see as part of the McDonald sponsorship of TV3’s The X Factor, the 12 act finalists came together to participate in a charity song – ‘Fight’ song. It’s a powerful and beautiful tune that strikes right at the heart. Here it is on YouTube and it’s already hit #1 in the New Zealand on iTunes Store here. Go Kiwis!!! (And we dare you not to cry)


NEEDING_Little Ghost
Ladies, welcome a new leather lovely to fall in love with! New kid on the handbag block is Little Ghost is brand new today, and what little we’ve seen, we LOVE! These are handcrafted handbags, wallets and accessories which creator Amber Bibby says are “packed with sophistication, spice and just the right balance of edgy and nice”. It’s first range is called The Kingdom of Hera which oozes goddess and bling. Just the way we like it! Fallen in love with the “oversized” Empress gold studded wallet ($199) made from high quality leather. And by oversized, we mean a third larger than most with room for phone card and lipsticks! Ah-May-Zing. There are two cute clutches in the Hera collection ($199). And we’re crushing on the Roma bag ($279 – pictured above). Great work Amber, we’re glad your 10-year dreams has come true!

LOVING_Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules
We nzgirls are constantly in pursuit of any latest and greatest in skin care that promises eternal youth, so sometimes we miss what’s been right under our noses all this time. So recently we’ve been trying the now 25-year-old Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules ($148) and are stoked to say we love them! Research by the Elizabeth Arden team found that the natural production of ceramides, collagen, elastin and essential nutrients like calcium all contribute to skin’s healthy look, which can be compromised as we get older. Ceramides comprise as staggering 50% of essential lipids found in the skin’s barrier layer, so are an absolute must if you want to protect your skin against ageing (no, it won’t stop it but it will definitely slow down visible effects!).  These ceramides are identical to your skin and each tiny capsule delivers a pure, potent single dose to protect you skin. They’re not cheap but the perfect measure of capsule means you’ll never over use this precious product.


LOLing_OVER_Men & You by Rikki Markson & Jayde Kelly
Men & You ($39.22) came out late last year and has just entered our lives as the book at our beauty station for LOLs while getting ready for a night out. In a nutshell, this man bible colourfully illustrates and wittily describes caricatures of men and what their job says about them. It then translates this into how they date and what they’re like in bed – rated out of 10 (Academics and princes getting 5/10, actors and firemen getting 10/10…). Last night we put the book to the test at the Giltrap Audi Ladies Night (video here)and tried to give as good as we got with the car salesmen dotted about the room. Our fave inclusion on p. 230 is the description of that life-hampering ailment /bad-boi itis/ which includes symptoms such as a nervous stomach and constant crying. If you have a gal pal in need, buy her this book!

DROOLING_OVER_Tim Tam Salted Caramel Cheesecake
There are few things we love more than Tim Tam biscuits. Perhaps a sleep in, and maybe a snuggle, but coming in at third are definitely these delightful Arnott’s choccie biccies. So when we saw this Tim Tam Salted Caramel Cheesecake recipe there was a collective “OH MY GOD!” in the office. Followed by an audible sigh. Followed by “Why is this not in our life right now?” And you’d be right in thinking that a recipe rarely/never makes Hot Five… but we couldn’t let you miss this one. Warning: If you’re going paleo, do not open this creamy, chocolatey delicious link! 😉

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