Gym Gear That Won’t Break The Bank

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There’s something to be said for working out in gear you feel great in. Whether it’s a motivation thing or a “Yeah, I look like I know what I’m doing” thing, nothing gets me more in the mood for exercise than wanting to break in a new pair of leggings.

The only real issue with that is, my bank account doesn’t quite extend to forking out for expensive gear every few weeks to keep that gym membership in the green. So with a challenge set from Farmers to show off some new season style, I thought there was no better area to touch on than activewear.

While I love nothing more than obnoxious florescent kit, this time I decided to tone things down a touch and let my mint green yoga mat do the shouting – rather than my singlet and sports bra.

I’d been looking for a pair of legging-style short shorts (don’t ask me what the official terminology is) for ages, but every time I tried a pair on, they’d be totally unflattering in that thigh squidging way. These ones however, are super thick – meaning they suck everything in and don’t cut into places they shouldn’t. I’ve been wearing them successfully to both yoga and GRIT and I’m very impressed. Plus they were a total bargain at $39.99.

I’m loving the 3/4 sleeved top with the cut out back and stretchy jacket for those cooler weather workouts and the simple black seamless sports bra is soft, comfortable and supportive.

So for just under $185, I’m now sporting a full new, quality gym kit (shoes excluded) that I’ll be wearing until it’s worn out. Can’t beat that.

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