Get A Pinterest-Worthy Pad On A Budget

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If you’d love to add some stylish flair to your home but don’t have a lot of cash to make it happen – don’t despair. Here are five top tips to getting a Pinterest-worthy pad on budget.

Nothing zaps style like clutter so it’s time to clear the decks. Rotate your favourite knick knacks instead of having them all on display. If you haven’t seen your entire fridge door for a while then it’s time to get busy. Clearing the clutter not only looks stylish and modern but it makes your space look larger too.



SHOP HERE: 1. Desk lamp, $59.99;  2. Ampersand artwork, $12.95; 3. Glass rose bowl, $24.99; 4. Scout table lamp, $69.99;
5. Munich cushion, $19.99.


The art of accessorizing isn’t as hard as you may think. Coffee tables, bookcases and mantels are the perfect place to restyle for less. The key is to keep it simple and group your pieces in uneven numbers. A cluster of three will always look more balanced that two of your favourite pieces grouped together.

Sticking to a neutral colour palette in your home is a little like wearing a lot of black clothing. It’s simple, always looks good and is a dream to accessorise. Neutral tones are also really easy to update with the addition of coloured cushions and throws that can give your space a whole new look and feel without spending a lot of money.



SHOP HERE: 1. Budda head, $19.99;  2. Tealight holder, $17.99; 3. Glass rose bowl, $24.99; 4. Ball candle, $7.49;
5. Ono Table lamp, $59.99;  6. Brooklyn throw, $69.99;  7. Hurricane candle holders, from $14.99.


Adding accessories that are meaningful to you is an easy way to inject a little personality into your home. If you lead a busy life then you may want to create a zen retreat at home with calming pieces like a budda, candles and succulents. If you want to inject some fun then add vibrant colours with cushions, throws and artwork to lift your spirits. Just take a little time thinking about the sort of feeling you want to create first.

Seasonal update
You know how it goes; lighter and brighter for spring and summer and darker and richer for winter. Change out your soft furnishings with the seasons to give your home a new look and feel.




SHOP HERE: 1. Pebble lamp, $59.99;  2. Flare vase, $5.00; 3. Two seat sofa, $899; 4. Harlow table, $69.99;
5. Shelving unit, $349.

 Tilly@home is a fab new home ware range at Farmers and a particular favourite of mine. It’s perfect for creating a fresh look for your home on a budget so don’t forget to check it out.

This post was made possible thanks to Farmers. Head in store and get inspired with the new season collection here.  

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