#flossiefriday: How to Discover Your Balayage Babeliciousness!

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We first met ASC Salon when it opened last year, so when the Flossie gals invited nzgirl in for a Balayage treatment, we jumped at the opportunity!


Our fave nzgirl, Izzie, heads back to uni in a month and she was super keen to get a Balayage for her brown locks to take that sun-kissed look with her.

Read about ASC Salon here!

Izzie went under the tender care of talented stylist, Jasmine. Watch Izzie’s fab journey to gorgeous hair, here!

We asked the amazing Jasmine for her hot tips on getting balayage and here’s what she said:


1. Is there an ideal hair length for balayage? What would you recommend?

There is no limit to the length when doing a balayage, however personally I believe shoulder length and longer is more pleasing to the eye taking into account the dark to light ratio.


2. Does it matter what hair colour or condition someone’s hair is in before coming in?

Yes it does. I would never compromise the condition of the hair. Getting on to a home regime to improve the feel of the hair would take priority.

3. What take home treatments would you recommend?

I would recommend using Davines Momo Shampoo and Conditioner and once a week using the Davines Alchemic Blonde Masque to restore the condition and keep the brassy at bay. Also Davines Oi All in One Milk is a great leave in treatment which will hydrate and protect the hair from heat.

4. What questions should someone ask their stylist before committing to Balayage?

They should ask, “What is the maintenance of that colour?” for example, how frequently they should visit.  “What to use at home to maintain the colour?” and  “What is achievable from the state the hair is in at that time?”

5. Can Balayage go wrong?

Yes, things can go wrong, particularly if the stylist (hairdresser) isn’t constantly up-skilling to keep up with latest trends and techniques. Training and ongoing learning is key! Here at ASC Salon Steve (co-owner) has implemented ongoing training and development to ensure we give the best service and result to our clients.

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