#flossiefriday: How Bees Are Putting the “B” In Natural “Botox

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I’ve discovered lately that there is so much we can do with our skin – that we don’t do. As well as being able to prevent damage to this most important organ, we can reverse damage done to it by sun, pollution, smoking, air conditioning, wind and more, and keep it hydrated from within.

Let’s Get “Youthing”

I’m not a fan of the concept of “anti-ageing”, however, it just seems so pointless in the face of what we’re doing daily, which is ageing. But, we could change our thoughts around it. How about “youthing” our skin, instead? This we can do.

We can’t stop ageing, but we can propel our skin to continued glowing health by keeping it youthful. There are loads of ways we can do this, and it’s not hocus pocus, nor does it involve buying snake oil. This is real, evidence-based science that you can apply to your skin to keep that youthing alive.


Start With The Bee Venom Facial

One of the latest and greatest treatments to hit New Zealand that has shown to prevent and reverse skin damage while restoring moisture to the skin, is the Bee Venom Facial. This facial was made most notably famous by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, and is used by celebs Victoria Beckham, Gywneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kylie Minogue.

The gist of this possibly revolutionary facial, is that the bee venom excites your skin into thinking it has been stung, which activates collagen and elastin deep within the skins epidermal and dermal layers to result in plumpness, smoothness and tightness in the skin, as well as increased circulation. It also is known to reduce facial scarring and heal acne and breakouts.

Collagen and elastin also hydrate the skin, something necessary for all skin types and ages in the face of the oxidants we’re exposed to daily.

Because of these naturally occurring properties, the bee venom facial has been dubbed “nature’s botox”. As such, this treatment can be used in conjunction with botox, or as a natural alternative.

When Would You Get  Bee Venom Facial?

This facial is excellent prior to important events, like balls, weddings, being mother of the bride, and even just before a vacay away, or now, mid-summer, when skin exposed to the sun could use a refresh and rejuvenation.


We Got Flossied

Because there’s not a “too early” when it comes to applying a hydrating, youthing skincare regime, we sent our gal Kelsey to give the Bee Venom Facial a go at The Powder Bowl at Auckland’s picturesque Orakei. Kelsey met with Roanne Metcalf, who has been a practitioner in the beauty industry for more than 16 years and has gained a loyal following.

nzgirl-environ-cleansing-gelKelsey’s procedure began with a skin patch test (often conducted behind the ear, or on the inside of the wrist or arm), taking 10-15 minutes. This is done because if the skin patch appears swollen, red or itchy, it indicates a possible allergic reaction to the bee venom, but Kelsey was fine and given the all-clear to start the facial.

Roanne began by giving Kelsey’s skin a deep cleanse using the Environ Cleansing Gel, which penetrates deep into the skin’s layers removing any residual dirt, oils and pollutants, such as stubborn sunscreen.

She then applied layers of the salon-only available bee venom facial onto Kelsey’s face avoiding the sensitive eye area (we tell you more about this Nelson-sourced bee venom below). Depending on the client’s skin and needs, the bee venom facial stays on the face on for around 15 minutes until it neutralises. This is when it goes from being active, when the skin is pink or reddish indicating a collagen rush, then cools.

Roanne continually observed Kelsey’s facial, scraping it back in places to see how it was evolving throughout the process. Once the facial had done its hard work, Roanne removed it, following with deeply cleansing Kelsey’s skin again to ensure all the product was gone.

Here’s Kelsey’s treatment in pics:



The Results

As you can see in the photos below, Kelsey’s skin is flushed and full, and while she is relatively wrinkle-free being only in her mid-20s, it’s clear that the collagen and elastin have done their work giving Kelsey a softer, more hydrated skin glow:



What Kelsey Said

I was about to leave our Kiwi summer behind and embark on a two-month trip around Central and South America so wanted to give my skin the most hydrating treatment possible so it was ready for the plane, new climates and a different kind of sun.
I loved Roanne's attention and care while I was there, and was really thrilled with the results! My skin stayed full and hydrated for days after the facial. I think this is perfect for anyone whose skin feels tired and needs a boost, or has an important event ahead when they need to look their best. I felt so good after this facial and totally recommend it.


About This Bee Venom

Roanne’s bee venom facial is exclusively sourced from Nelson, where the hives have been operating for more than 100 years, starting with the owner’s great, great grandmother. So they know bees and take extra care to look after them. Plus, they use no pesticides, chemicals or pollutants at any stage of the manufacture.

The bee's definitely haven't been harmed, they are happy, healthy bees,

To extract the venom, a gentle current is put into the hive and while it gives the bees a minor fright which means they release the venom, it doesn’t harm the bees at all. The venom is gently released onto a glass panel leaving the bee’s stinger in tact. The panels are on timers and get swapped around so the bee’s have resting periods.


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