All I Want For Halloween Is…

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People are often surprised when I say I’m not big on Halloween. The response I usually get is, “You, of all people?!”. But to me, Halloween is basically how I live my life 24/7, not a gimmicky holiday.

I love dark aesthetics, skulls and spiders, the creepy and kooky – everyday. But this doesn’t stop me from enjoying some of the Halloween things out there, despite my hate of commercialisation. Let me share with you some of the things that my dark heart desires this Halloween season…

  • Nightwing Shower Jelly from LUSH – Sadly, I’m on a bit of a ban from my dermatologist and can’t use anything like this on my body right now. Doesn’t stop me lusting over how cute it is! This is a shower jelly, fragranced with lime juice. I actually bought a shower jelly a few years ago and it was messy as hell, but smelt sooo good.
  • BERRISOM Horror Masks from RoseRoseShop – This is available in two styles, skull and ‘Pierrot’ (which looks more Pennywise to me!). You are guaranteed to scare the life out of anyone who sees you wearing one of these. I recently tried Bentons ‘Snail Bee High Content Mask’ and that looked scary enough without even trying.tony-moly-horror-fantasy-red-blood-wash
  • Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack from RoseRose Shop – I bought the sample sizes of this a few months ago and absolutely loved it. Would definitely repurchase in the 100ml size.
  • Too Cool for School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack from RoseRose Shop – Again this is one I purchased earlier in a sample size, and I’d go back for seconds. It looked like raspberry jam, and had an unusual but pleasant smell and texture.
  • Tony Moly Horror Fantasy Walking Dead Facial Pack from W2Beauty – In all honesty I don’t know if I’d even use this or not – I just like the gimmick of it! I don’t know whats in it, or how it works, but it puts a creepy, peeling texture on your face.
  • Tony Moly Horror Fantasy Red Blood Wash Blood bag body wash (pictured right) – It isn’t anything new but I imagine this being a nice quality one. Would look great in the bathroom! (OK, your mileage might vary on that, but I think it would be an asset to mine).eye
  • Etude House Halloween 2015 Nail Polish Collection – This collection, “Witch in the City” contains 5 very wearable shades, from the predictable orange and black, to a lighter pink. I haven’t found this for sale anywhere other than Etude House’s own site currently, but will be on the lookout for these. My pick of the bunch is ‘Abracadabra’, a gorgeous purple.
  • Welcos ‘Killing Me Zombie’ CC Cream from RoseRoseShop – I already own their BB cream and love it, so I’d like to try the CC Cream version of it. This offers sun protection and a decent (but not too heavy) coverage, and blends into the skin well, and at a reasonable price too.
  • Bleeding Heart Eyeshadow from Banshee Cosmetics – It’s no secret I love red eyeshadows, and this is the exact shade I’ve been looking for! Made by local brand ‘Banshee Cosmetics’, this is a great way to support NZ indie makeup, and try something which might be out of your comfort zone. Red is a harder colour to wear on your eyes but done right it can look stunning. This is the perfect time to give it a try.
  • Notoriously Morbid “Down the Spiral” Collection – Last but not least, two of my great loves merged together, makeup and Nine Inch Nails, from one of my favourite indie brands.
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