Affordable Makeup Brush Set – Worth the Hype?!

Vanity Planet Brush Set
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I see adverts for Vanity planet regularly on Social Media with huge discounts. The affordable price is so tempting, but are the products any good? Watch this weeks video to find out my thoughts.

Firstly, of anybody who doesn’t understand the affiliate link side of things, let me explain how it works for this particular brand. Vanity Planet reached out to me and offered me a product of my choice from their range. I would review/promote the product and be given a link. The link gives 70% discount to my followers, and I earn a small commission from the sale.

I decided I have nothing to lose, if the product is rubbish, I can tell my followers the truth; if they are good, I can recommend a really affordable brush set option!  The Vanity Planet offers a 60 day money back guarantee and they are cruelty free; which does make trying out their products seem a little less risky!

If after watching you have decided you would like to purchase this set, here is the affiliate discount link (it will take you to a page with my video on, but at the bottom you will see the link to the brushes):

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