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I faced a bit of a conundrum recently. A week before I was due to travel to Hamilton to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends, I decided to try on the dress I was going to wear.

It was just as well, as I discovered I must have lost some weight since it was bought six months ago (yay!) and being the shape I am meant that the weight had all disappeared from my top half (boo!).

The strapless dress was now happier sitting around my waist rather than covering my boobs (not a good look!).

Understandably I was somewhat nervous about a Tara Reid-esque nipple slip while standing alongside my friend at the alter, so action had to be taken.

There was only so much scope for the dress to be taken in (which my mum did admirably) but further assistance was definitely required.

I couldn’t find a strapless bra with enough padding to fill in the saggy material where breasts should be so I ended up getting an Abracadabra Silicone Bra Enhancer and boy am I glad I did!

These little silicon puppies take you up a whole cup size, but look really natural under your clothes. I’m so in love with the cleavage it gives me I’ve been considering wearing it on a regular basis!

It’s super comfortable to wear and I’m still amazed at how well it sticks. The wedding turned out to be one veeerrry long day (and night and early morning the next day!) but the bra didn’t move a millimetre from where I’d stuck it on. It stood the test of rigorous dancing, plenty of drinking and lots of jiggling and twisting during the photos!

Best of all, it gave me enough of a bust to ensure my dress didn’t move an inch, so I felt incredibly comfortable in what I was wearing (which is a much better look than a bridesmaid who can’t stop hitching herself up!).

With the party season upon us I can definitely recommend picking up one of these bras to wear with all your strapless or backless items. You can buy them  at Farmers, Bendon Lingerie and other leading department stores and lingerie boutiques nationwide, they retail for $59.95.


Head to www.abracadabra.co.nz for more information.

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