Road Test: Abracadabra

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I’ve long been fascinated by the Abracadabra Light Self-Adhesive Bra, but have held off buying one for some reason.

I guess it’s because I’ve always been a bit a curious about how they feel on, and nervous that it wouldn’t stay put when I was wearing it!

So in the interest of research I decided to don one and give it a road test for you. Let me be your guinea pig so you can rest assured this product works before you part with your cash!

The Abracadabra is a light self-adhesive bra, which uses skin-friendly gel to stick to you. Because it has nice, smooth fabric on its outer side it gives a great line beneath your clothes and the light foam inner gives your breasts a winning shape and plenty of support.

There is also a Silicone Bra Enhancer in the range, which follows the same lines as the Light Self-Adhesive Bra, but uses 100% silicone to boost you up a cup size! It’s great if you want to add some va voom to your cleavage for a special occasion.

I liked that the bra I tried wasn’t overly padded so I still looked really natural wearing it, and it didn’t feel much different from a normal bra when on. The only difference is it has no straps or back so it’s the perfect solution for those tops and dresses you never wear because you hate going bra-less!

Given we’re in ball season and since there are so many pretty backless and strapless dresses around this invention will prove to be a godsend for those of you trying to figure out how to work a bra into your outfit.

The first time I put my Abracadabra on it took me a few goes to get it positioned right, but I’ve quickly figured out how to move it around depending on what breast shape I’m after.

I had a good try on and tested the Abracadabra out with heaps of my dresses and tops. I noticed that garments I would normally try and wear a normal bra with looked heaps better when worn with the Abracadabra as there were no straps peeping out or signs of where the bra does up at the back.

But the proof of the Abracadabra’s worth really is in the dancing and I’m pleased to report you can jiggle the night away and safely know your breasts won’t be jiggling too much with you! This bra keeps ‘em securely in place while you’re moving around and the self adhesive pads remain firmly stuck in place – what a winner!

When I first looked at the Abracadabra I was worried it wouldn’t last for long seeing as it needs to stick to your skin, but this product is completely washable and reusable. As long as you look after it properly and follow the care instructions you’ll get plenty of wear out of it.

The Abracadabra comes in nude, black and white and cup sizes A – D, with a recommended retail of $59.95. Head to your nearest Farmers or Bendon Lingerie Stores to pick one up, and visit for more information, stockists and to find out how you could win a piece from the Abracadabra range.

My verdict… This is definitely a wardrobe essential; you’re guaranteed to pull it out all the time.


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