5 NEW ways to use Bio-Oil!

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We all know Bio-Oil is THE wonder product for all things stretch marks and scars, but we bet you haven’t tried it like this before!

Versatility is Bio-Oil’s middle name! Made from plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base it’s a beauty cabinet must-have that should be an essential step in your beauty regime!

Here are five NEW ways to use Bio-Oil.

1. Everyday Moisturiser

If softer skin from top to toe is what you’re after, Bio-Oil is your one-stop-shop. After showering, work a small amount of the oil into your clean skin for an all over everyday body moisturiser. As your skin is already damp a small amount will go a long way, and because Bio Oil  soaks in easily it won’t leave you feeling greasy either.

2. Hair Oil

Don’t think Bio-Oil is just for your skin, it’s also a great pre-wash treatment to help replenish dry and damaged hair. Simply put a towel down on your pillow before bed, work the oil through your hair and then sleep on it over night to help lock in moisture. In the morning, wash your hair like normal to give your tresses a real shiny and healthy boost.

3. Cuticle Care

Dry hands, brittle nails and peeling cuticles is never a good look. But forget hiding out in gloves, try massaging a small amount of Bio-Oil into your fingers on a daily basis. And next time you’re planning a mani or pedi don’t forget to add Bio-Oil as an important step in the process.

4. Body Scrub

Not only can you use Bio-Oil to cure dry skin, it makes a great homemade exfoliating treatment too. Just pour a small amount into a plastic bowl and mix in either flaky sea salt or fine sugar granules. Then simply rub it in around the desired area and wash off in a warm shower. The warmth will help dissolve any remaining granules to leave your skin smooth, soft and refreshed.

5. Dry Skin 

Winter can bring out the worst in our skin. Combat those dry, flaky, itchy patches with an intensive spot treatment of Bio-Oil. Whether it’s your dry legs, rough elbows or cracked heels a little bit of Bio-Oil lovin’ will be just the trick for all over soft and healthy looking skin.

And of course don’t forget using it twice a day for at least three months will help lessen the appearance of stretch marks and scars to help boost your confidence.

Make it part of your morning routine to come out of winter with flawless looking, summer-ready skin.

Bio-Oil is available at pharmacies, department stores and supermarkets nationwide from RRP $20.45 for the 60ml bottle.

What’s your tip for using Bio-Oil?
Is it a must-have in your beauty cabinet? 

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