We Love: Brazilian Waxes!

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Sorry girls – thanks to an outstanding response all the slots have now been taken and no more free waxes are available. But keep on eye on the site and hopefully we will repeat the offer in the future!

Brazil. For most of us the name of South America’s most loved country arouses an idea of a place where chic sensuality and style is innately interwoven into hedonistic sexuality.

We can all easily conjour up vivid and colourful mental pictures of tanned, lithe and taut bodies erotically parading themselves through yet another street carnival.

It makes sense then that a full wax “south of the border” should be named after such a country because realistically (and without trying to offend), the thought of a “Welsh Wax” or a “Ugandan Bikini Treatment” does not inspire the feelings in anyone that the Brazilian Wax does.

That is why, as many people know, the full bikini wax was so christened as “The Brazilian” several years ago in New York by a group of beautician sisters . If you are one of the lucky women that have enjoyed the experience of one you can understand why.

Discussing the concept of “no hair-down there” with Ruby Francis, the owner of RUBYWAXX Beauty Salon in Auckland, is more than enough to make a girl want to leap elegantly onto a waxing table for what Gwyneth Paltrow has been quoted as saying “changed her life”.

Ruby, who proudly advises that she has had a bald mons for years, has been referred to in women’s magazines as “NZ’s Brazilian Queen” for pioneering and perfecting her own waxing techniques to make the process one of virtually no pain and, in case you are a bit precious, no embarrassment either.

She does about 60 Brazilian’s a week and each and every client is, within 15 minutes, feeling sexier, slinkier, cleaner and naughtier.

“Originally,” Ruby says, “the Brazilian wax started as a fashion statement which mimicked the treatments being requested by well-known porn stars and actresses, but once women realised that it was a million times better than shaving, it developed into a mainstream treatment that a majority of women and their partners prefer.”

By all accounts, the original way the wax was carried out involved the client having to get on their hands and knees for some of the treatment and as Ruby readily agrees most women found this quite unsettling.

It was not until Ruby (and the students she has trained), and other salon owners perfected a technique that did not require a girl or a grandma to “get ready for doggie” as she bluntly puts it, did the Brazilian take off.

Ruby giggles as she recounts stories of women, with an obvious glass or three of vino under their belts, arriving in small groups to the salon in order to mark a significant occasion by getting a Brazilian (one at a time thank-you) or a bright red landing strip.

Some go even further by having the strip perfectly matched to their newly-manicured nails or even, in at least one case of a newly-divorced gal, to match the paintwork of her brand-new two-seater sports car (ensuring her celebration of her free single status continued beyond the public eye).

Need a wax? Try RUBYWAXX Beauty Salon (1a-29 Karaka St, Newton, ph 302 1294).

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