Autumn Fashion Fix

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Daylight savings is upon us and it is now safe to say that autumn has officially arrived. But don’t let the cooler weather dampen your spirits because with a new season comes a whole new set of fresh fashion trends to get you excited and your credit card nervous!

This autumn fashion goes unconventionally glamorous – with an emphasis on pretty lady-like themes juxtaposed with traditional man-style cuts and fabrics.

We know there’s nothing quite like a new season to motivate us girls to go on a huge shopping spree, so if you’re planning a big autumn fashion blow-out then don’t forget to refer to nzgirl.

Autumn Fashion Breakdown:

1) Coats
Coats are everywhere this season and are a definite autumn must-have! The trench is the most popular style available and is the most glam! When shopping for a coat ensure that it is a good make and cut before you buy, so you can be confident that it will last you a couple of seasons. When trying on coats look out for the optical one – it should be lined, have heaps of pockets, and possess a nice contoured shape that emphasises your curves so you don’t look like you are wearing a sack!

2) Red
Red is the colour of love and it possesses that unique X-factor to really transform your outfit into a show-stopper! Just because it is autumn doesn’t mean you have to dress like the weather in head-to-toe dull shades of black, grey and brown. Add a little red to your outfit whether it be a coat, stockings, red lipstick, or the most coveted item this season – a pair of patent red pumps.

3) Preppy
The preppy look is another winner this season and my personal favourite. For inspiration just cast your mind back to what Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair wore in the final scene of Cruel Intentions – short pleated skirts in wool blends teamed with crisp white shirts, tartan print V-neck sweaters and fitted blazers. To top the look off just add black opaque stockings, T-bar sandals and a headband. Classy!

4) Skinny jeans
It’s true, the 1980s continue to be in fashion this season and pants are going skinny. You can be grateful now that you got them in shape over summer for the mini-skirt craze!

Levi’s have recently launched their new skinny jean range confirming that this is not a passing trend. When shopping for the perfect pair of skinny jeans opt for dark shades and be sure to team them with heels so you can elongate the leg and achieve that svelte sex kitten look.

1980’s fashion continues to dominate, with biker jackets, ruffled ra-ra skirts and leggings still making appearances.

5) Tweed
Following on from the preppy theme, tweed is another hot trend that you just won’t be able to escape this season. Everything from hats and scarves, to pleated skirts and man-style boxy overcoats and trousers are available in tweed. But if you really want to get into the spirit of things then get yourself a Chanel-style tweed fitted jacket. These are the epitome of tweed – and look oh, so darling when coordinated with a matching tweed skirt; and oh, so hip when teamed with your best pair of dark jeans and court shoes. Love it!

6) Houndstooth
Houndstooth is one of those patterns that, although it tends to come and go in drifts and waves, will forever remain stylish and deserve a space in your wardrobe. Inspired by English country farmers and posh-types at polo tournaments; houndstooth represents perfectly the preppy, traditional man-style trend which is so big this season. Blazers, woollen skirts, hats and scarves all look wonderful in houndstooth and all should be on your shopping lists!

7) Chiffon and frills
Flaunting your femininity is always fashionable and this season is no exception with an abundance of slinky camisoles, flirty skirts and ruffled dresses available in the stores. Although it may be getting cooler outside, a hot dinner date or cocktail party always requires something romantic or sexy. This autumn opt for anything dripping in ribbons, sequins or embroidery.

8) Accessories
At nzgirl we are well aware of the power of accessories and their ability to make or break an outfit, so true to tradition we have saved the best for last!

Key accessories this autumn include chunky scarves, baker-boy style hats, skinny belts, leather gloves, opaque tights and fis-net stockings. All accessories should be bold and make a statement. Jewellery also goes chunky this season with big bangles and extra long earrings proving popular on the red carpet last month.

With regards to shoes – one word: warning! You are going to find it pretty challenging not to break your budget here! Knee-high boots, court shoes, ballet style flats, boxing boot style trainers, Ugg boots and T-bar pumps are all classic, to-die-for items, and all essentials for autumn!

So there you have it girls, the only guide to autumn fashion you will need to refer to this season. Elegant and Stylish are the two key words to sum up autumn dressing; so be indulgent, dress up and banish those winter blues.

Also don’t forget that autumn dressing is all about combining textures – don’t be afraid to mix tweed with lace; or sequins with fur.

Most importantly, remember to smile – then you will truly sparkle and shine all season long!

Melanie Smith

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