Interiors: Minimalist Apartment Living

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Apartment living doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style or personality. Brighten and liven small spaces with some of these fun and funky local options. Modular furniture, stackable stools, and functional bowls allow for maximum space and maximum fun!

1: Modular Systems, $150, from Nest
2: Branch Wall Decals, $118.50, from Zozo Living
3: Sweetpea Handmade Face Cushions, $135, from Eon Design
4: Knome Money Box, $110, from Artikel
5: Cina Coaster Set, $55, from Endemic World
6: City Sideboard, $3551 from The Urban Lounge
7: Jamie Oliver Cast Iron Range. $144.95, from Stoffels
8: Bol Ply Natural Fruit Bowl, $225, from Eon Design Centre
9: Black Acorn Vase, $189.95, from Stoffels
10: Ricciolina Side Chair, $259 from The Urban Lounge
11: World Dinner Plates, $29.95, from Artikel
12: Dulton Wisdom Tooth Stool, $199, from Artikel
13: Record Bowl, $59.95, from Artikel
14: Anna D Chair, $460, from The Urban Lounge


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