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Our favourite: Breasts – Ts & Cs

Participation whether by uploading a submission, commenting on, sharing via Social Media or viewing the nzgirl “Our favourite: Breasts” campaign implies consent to the following terms and conditions.

1) Any imagery uploaded to the nzgirl “Our favourite: Breasts” campaign has been done with permission from the subject of the image (ie, no uploading a photo of your girlfriend from Friday night without her knowledge). As per our nzgirl site terms and conditions, if you are under 18 and you decide to post or send personal information to us or to other areas on the Internet, make sure you ask your parents if it’s okay. Photos uploaded to the “Our favourite: Breasts” gallery will not be used by nzgirl for any other purpose without prior permission of the uploader. 2) nzgirl reserves the right to edit or remove any submission (imagery, text or comments) to the “Our favourite: Breasts” campaign that we deem offensive, bad taste, bad quality, or downright wrong. In the instance of severe or repeat offending, nzgirl reserves the right to ban any members/users who post offensive commentary or submissions. 3) For every 50 completed, qualifying entries of boobs submitted to the nzgirl “Our favourite: Breasts” campaign, nzgirl agrees to donate $1000 to breast cancer research up to a maximum pledge of $5000 (or 250 pairs).

If you would like to discuss anything in regards to the nzgirl “Our favourite: Breasts” campaign OR request to have an image taken down, either your own or one you feel is questionable please email

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