So you’ve stumbled across nzgirl, but who & what exactly are we?

Targeting 20 and 30 something females, has been the market leader in New Zealand digital media for more than a decade. The website first launched in 1999 – share in some of our fab history in our gallery here – and it has evolved into a social magazine where the community (aka you) create, share and find your favourite things.

What you need to know

  • We’re written by nzgirls for nzgirls.
  • We have evolved into one of NZ’s first social magazines! Not only can you find your new favourite things faster, but we’ve made it super easy to write and share your own articles too.
  • On our sister site you can access a number of article templates to create beautiful content that can be shared on
  • We pride ourselves on being a blogger-friendly platform where NZ’s top influencers can easily share their favourite things via article templates on Bloggers Club and via our iPhone app.
  • We have a growing Bloggers Club with lots of cool opportunities for bloggers
  • As well as our bloggers sharing content, any nzgirl member can also share their favourite things by simply filling out our Reader Fave article template
  • We aim to inspire New Zealand women by curating a picturesque blend of fashion, beauty, food, health & wellbeing and lifestyle content.
  • Every article gives you the ability to comment, retweet, like via Facebook and ‘pin’ via Pinterest.
  • Your nzgirl membership entitles you to write your own articlesto receive emails about the best articles or exclusive offers, enter competitions such as these and be part of an amazing community of like-minded nzgirls.
  • We have launched our very first iPhone app – to help you find and share your favourite things when you’re out and about.  Download it here – it’s free!
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Meet the nzgirl team…


Belinda Nash
Head girl – Curator, Editor, Writer, Fun-lover

What I do… the editor, curator and chief writer for nzgirl. I love to write about every and anything. From fashion, style, food, going out to all those head-scratching life issues. I’m super curious and love to explore life! Feel free to contact me any time:


What I about my job…  is all the things! From doing the coin toss for Venus Williams at the ASB Classic, sitting front row at fashion shows, getting out and about in New Zealand and overseas, and trying out fab new beauty products to see what’s the best for our nzgirls!

What I to do when I am not working…  I get cabin fever sitting at home for more than 5 minutes, so you’ll find me at my fave places – Wynyard Quarter, Britomart, Ponsonby, City Works Depot and the old fave, K Road. And when I am not out playing, I’m at Les Mills shaking my bootie in BodyJam or stretching it out in CX Works and yoga. And when I finally do get in, I love to get cosy with a great read, a movie for an amazing documentary.

My favourite thing is…  people! I surround myself with the people who inspire me and lift me to be the best me I can be!   @belindanash LinkedIn