About nzgirl

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nzgirl is the go-to place for all nzgirls to get aspiration, inspiration, information and motivation about everything they need to live their best lives.


Who is nzgirl?

nzgirl is New Zealand’s original social magazine for females in their 20s and 30s. It’s written by nzgirls for nzgirls, curated by our head girl and writer, Lidya Ke.

nzgirl.co.nz has been the market leader in New Zealand digital media for more than a decade. The website first launched in 1999 – (take a look at our fab history here) – and it has evolved into a social magazine where the community (aka you) create, share and find your favourite things.

What you need to know
  • Our organic cumulative reach in social media is 120K
  • We also have 120K unique views on our website each month
  • We’re written by nzgirls for nzgirls
  • We are New Zealand’s first social magazine
  • We’re on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest and YouTube
  • Our sister site is Bloggersclub which hosts information about our official bloggers
  • We inspire New Zealand women by curating fashion, beauty, food, health & wellbeing and lifestyle content
  • Any nzgirl can join our community, which entitles you to write your own articlesto receive emails about the best articles or exclusive offers, enter competitions and be part of an amazing community of fab nzgirls!
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Meet the nzgirl Team…


Lidya Ke
Curator, Editor, Writer!
What I do…



I am currently the curator of nzgirl. This means I write tons of stuff you see here on the website, as well as work with a team of bloggers who create things you love to read about! Feel free to flick me an email if you want to write for nzgirl 🙂


What I love about my job…

Everything! I love writing and dreaming up all the content we post on the website and all our social media. The events are pretty sweet too, from product launches to movie previews!

What I love to do when I am not working… 

Oooo I can’t think of a time during the week when I’m not working or studying! When I have some free time, you can find me reading a novel, baking up a storm, hiking or trying out the hottest new restaurants.

My favourite thing is…

helping people be the best they can be, which is a big part of what nzgirl is about!

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram.




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